Mercury 25 Decalcomanie per motorini fuoribordo

Mercury 25 Decalcomanie per motorini fuoribordo


Il kit è composto da: 7 decals



Brand: Mercury outboard

Condition: Brand New

Size: Large side decals - 22"x4" (558mm x 104mm)
M - 4"x2.4" (100mm x 62mm)
Large 25 - 4"x1.9" (100mm x 48mm)
Small 25's - 2.4"x1" (60mm x 27mm)
Mercury word - (123mm x 17mm)

Background: Black

Default color combination: RED

Surface: Gloss

Material: Vinyl

Warranty: 7 years with outdoor using

Note: ALL sizes available!!! Not the size you are looking for? Please message us your requirements and we will forward a price. Custom color combinations, boat names and registration numbers are available upon request. If you have any questions please email me or contact us.


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