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Porsche 911 Two Tone Classic Strisce laterali Logo Style Dical Style Style


5.0 4
Porsche letters:
Finitura in vinile:
Materiale: High quality Avery vinyl


specifications and description:

size: Suitable for the following models: 924 944 928 968 993 964 911 935 914 996
quantity: 1 set of: stripes for front bumper and rear bumper, side stripes with Porsche letters; rear Porsche letters
default colors: First color: Beige Stripes, Second color: Black Porsche letters
material: High-quality Avery vinyl; 7 years warranty
Others: Waterproof, Removable

By buying accessories in our marketplace, you select only the best products at favourable prices. Consider one of our latest and best products, the Porsche 911 Two Tone Classic Side Stripes Logo Decal Singer Style. This device is filled with various features that you will probably like. 

This is not only about the high quality of the product, but also about high solid and reliable materials, perfect custom car sticker coating and, of course, removability - one of the most convenient options you might need, in case you want to change one sticker to another. Next, and also important, is water resistance. It lasts for five years, perhaps even more, of course with careful use. It also allows driving in all weather conditions. Therefore, you should not lose your ability, but go and purchase the best vinyl decal stickers right here and right now, dear customer!

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