Un TRD 4x4 Off Road Sport Pro Bro Bro Metallo Badge Badge Emblema del comodino in alluminio


Finitura in metallo:
Il kit è composto da: 1 Badge
Materiale: Aluminium
Taglia standard: Tacoma 16-20


Quantity: 1
Material: Aluminium
Has 3M scotch on back side

Waterproof and UV resistant.

Aluminum, shiny grey colored metal car badge here is to your attention. It has a solid aluminum lines and dots. In the first view, it can appear like a simple item and nothing special. But as soon as you will have been bought a badge for your car and put it up to your car's surface, you will have been seen a fascinating result. The vehicle will have a raisin in its appearance. Also, Metal CNC Badge can be a great present to your friend, family member, or even for your soul mate. Besides, if you have a small scratch on your car and you don’t want to spend money on repair, CNC-machined aluminum badge is the best chance instead of any repair. 


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