Adesivi Decalcomanici Ducati.

Adesivi Decalcomanici Ducati.


Tipo di vinile:




Condition: Brand New

Quantity: 2 pieces

Default Size: 7 inch width (17.5cm)

Default color: Black

Surface: Gloss

Material: Vinyl

Warranty: 7 years with outdoor using

Note: ALL sizes available!!! Not the size you are looking for? Please message us your requirements and we will forward a price.

Do not forget to select the type of film and specify the number of colors.

There are such types of films

  • Avery 500 (matt or glossy) (default)
    number of colors is here
  • Avery 4500 Translucent Films. The service life of 7 years.
    number of colors is here
  • Avery Ultra Metallic
    number of colors is here
  • Avery Polyester Metallized
  • Avery Carbon (High quality flexible film with a long life (up to 5 years), with high resistance to weathering and excellent dimensional stability. The film is specially designed to create the effect of carbon coating.)
  • Avery Tattoo (Cast Vinyl Avery Tatoo, designed to create the effect of tattoos on the surface. Is a transparent film with black pigment.)


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